Three Free Policy

Let's face it, Christmas ornaments are fragile! Sometimes our beloved four legged friends try to explore the shiny object, or a youngster will test the durability of a 'toy'. No matter how much we love to turn our home into a Christmas wonderland, sooner or later we all brake an ornament.

But don't be afraid, we got you covered by the 3-Free policy! It's pretty much self explanatory. We will cover up to three broken items, excluding lights, free of charge. More than three broken items will lead to additional charges based on the market rates.

Important! We expect to receive the items in the similar condition as we rented them to you. Stained, heavily scratched, chewed, bitten, heavily odored or any other type of damage falls in the category of broken items and is covered by the 3-Free policy. 

What About The Lights?

The lights will be examined on a case per case basis to estimate whether the damage is your or a manufacturing fault. For example, if you've accidentally cut the cord while trimming your tree, or pulled and torn the cord, you will be charged a $14.99 replacement fee. On the other hand, if there is a loss of power without any visible damage, we will cover the cost of replacement.